collision ≠ isolation

A multi-media performance piece that begins in a mountain of pitchblende and explodes with the ramifications of splitting the atom. We explore flashes of brilliance and fallout in themes of magnetism, radioactivity, fusion, instability, isolation, and exposure. This piece is performed to the glow of projections and the hum of machines illuminating the contributions and consequences of human discovery and science.

Collision ≠ Isolation is the brainchild of experimental performance artists Brian Freeland and Jeannene Bragg. Theatrical direction, projection, and sound design collide with text and texture to produce a singular non-linear performance style that weaves aesthetics, story, and movement that inspires audiences to bring their own creativity to decode the experience.

August 2023 Workshop at The Savoy, Denver. Ensemble: Aiden Blank, Terry Burnsed, Hart DeRose, Heather Ostberg Johnson, Liz Kirchmeier, Jaime Lujan, Clove Love,Rachael Sharp, CeCe Smith, Dane Torbenson. Special Thanks: Theatre Artibus, Ethie Friend, Kenny Stormes, Lindsay Pierce, Jenny Higgins. Photos by Michael Ensminger.


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