Axis Mundi

Axis Mundi is a performance cycle of eight works exploring current environmental and social decline and the effect on our communities. The dystopian cycle divides into four primary parts: 

  • Watershed ( Water ) – Commissioned / Performed, 2013
  • Only You Can Prevent… ( Fire )
  • I Can’t Breathe ( Air )
  • Drill Baby Drill ( Earth )  

Each elemental work/theme has two presentation environments: the first, a large-scale performance space, and the second, an intimate performance space. The first of the cycle, ‘Watershed,’ was developed in 2013, with The LIDA Project and Metro State University. ‘Watershed’ dealt with the social themes of two worlds, one with too much water (rising sea levels/floods) and another with too little water (droughts/famine). 

The next phase of the work will develop the physical, aural, and emotional vocabulary for the themes of air and earth—these two elements in this moment of social uncertainty demand collaborative-community story-telling and healing.

The collaborative ensemble for this work is built with equal parts social activists, movement practitioners, and environmental experts.


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